Executive Briefings: The Missing Piece in Developing High Performing People and Organisations – Mindset Matters Most

Over the past three months, in Sydney and Melbourne, Michael Bernard presented morning briefing sessions to over 100 L&D managers, CEOs and COOs on the high performance mindset at work initiative.

A number of recent research-based discoveries were shared with participants including:

  • In the post GFC, 21st century age, high productivity, engagement, innovation and quality of work life depends on people having a well developed high performance mindset.
  • New research has revealed a set of high workplace capabilities that are needed for people to engage in high impact behaviour and to respond positively to tough work situations.
  • People’s work performance can be accelerated and self-sustained through learning and development experiences that change their neural circuitry … by re-training the way they think.
  • Evaluation studies reveal that unless employees who have participated in L&D programs are held accountable to a manager within the first several weeks after the program is completed, only a small group of the most highly motivated employees will put into practice what they have learned.

During the briefing, the positive effects of HPMW training programs being implemented in a variety of organisations were presented.

If you are interested in HPMW L&D programs, contact us: +61 3 9653 6432.

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