High Impact Leadership Behaviours

Over the last year, I have studied ‘high impact’ behaviours demonstrated by highly effective leaders.  By ‘high impact’ I mean those behaviours that have the greatest influence on the attitudes, commitments and work behaviour of others.

I was interested in developing a survey that measures the extent to which leaders display these behaviours that can be used as part of leadership training and development. The Survey of High Impact Leadership Behaviours can be used in a variety of ways. Leaders throughout your organisation can complete the survey in order to become more self-aware of areas of strength and those needing more development. During meetings, individuals who self-identify or who are nominated by others as consistently demonstrating one or more of the high impact behaviours can share their approach with team members.

Generally speaking, there is no need for individuals to share their surveys with others. It can be stressed that honest self-reflection serves the best purpose.

Feel free to download the survey and share with others – click here.

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