Licences the High Performance Mindset at Work for 13,000 employees!

Monash Health is the largest public health service provider in Victoria more servicing more than a million episodes of health care a year.

In 2013, Organisational Development & Learning (Human Resources) at Monash Health entered into an agreement with The Bernard Group to make the High Performance Mindset at Work program available to its 13,000 employees.

In order to maximize flexibility of access and widespread utilisation, Monash Health licensed the HPMW eLearning program for all its employees. Over the past six months, Organisational Development has identified increasing numbers of employee cohorts to participate. Unique and confidential usernames and passwords are provided to each participating employee.

Monash Health has a long-standing tradition of providing learning and development support for employees. It viewed the High Performance Mindset at Work program as helping support its employees with the self-management and resilience needed for Monash Health employee’s at all levels to continue to provide its high standard of care.

The impact of HPMW has been evident.

Monash Health’s Manager of Organisational Development & Learning, Louise Polednik, writes on the benefits for employees who have completed the HPMW program.

“Introducing the High Performance Mindset at Work as an on-line resource has allowed us to provide education and support to our fantastic teams across the organisation. With over 13,000 employees and 42 sites that include 5 major hospitals in the region, this program has allowed us to get the key principles of building resilience across in a consistent way that is supported by research evidence. We have encouraged a team-based approach to the HPMW course where colleagues come together in reflective practice sessions to discuss their on-line learning experiences and identify different strategies for looking after themselves and their colleagues as they bring a high performance mindset to deliver the best outcomes for our patients.

So far, over 470 employees including members of my own team have engaged with the HPMW program. The feedback has been very encouraging with many comments about the practical value of the course content and the convenience of having it available online.

Working with The Bernard Group has been a positive experience. Their attitude is highly professional with technical assistance and advice being offered immediately.”

Organisations who have an interest in licensing the on-line, eLearning HPMW program for employees can contact The Bernard Group: (03) 9415 8327 and visit:


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