New HPMW Research Reveals the Professional Development Needs of Leadership and Management

The Bernard Group in collaboration with Peak Performance International recently surveyed 50 learning and development manager concerning their perceptions of:

1. ‘high impact’ leadership behaviour
2. ‘tough’ work situations

The results revealed high priority areas for learning and development programs.

General finding

For leaders to be high performers, they need to have the ability to develop people’s capacity and their team’s performance as well as to focus on and deliver results.

‘High Priority” High Impact Leadership Behaviours needed to: (L&D needs)

1. developing others
2. teamwork/collaboration
3. focusing on results

“High Priority” Difficult Tasks of Leadership (L&D needs)

1. management tasks (alignment of KPIs; lack of integration in systems/processes; managing cost/budget; strategy implementation; working with other departments/leaders collaboratively; customer centeredness)

2. performance management

a. individuals (dealing with under-performance)
b. teams (identifying/solving problems related to team performance
c. results (financial under-performance)

Aspects of HPMW identified by participants needed to increase leadership capacity in order to be high performing (high impact leadership behaviour; effectiveness in difficult situations) : (L&D Needs) 

1. communication/relationship/networking/collaboration (Commitment to Others: empathy, respect, support, behavioural strength of getting along)

2. innovation

4. motivation/engagement (e.g., Commitment to Success: self-direction, high frustration tolerance

5. resilience/tough-mindedness (e.g., self-management, persistence)

These results point to the need to grow the psychological capacity of leaders and managers (high performance mindset) in addition to and, perhaps, as a pre-requisite to developing their high impact leadership behaviour and ability to deal with tough situations (high performance skillset).

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