Release Your Inner Entrepreneur

From Conservative Academia to Award-Winning, Online Training

In August, 2014, Michael Bernard was an invited speaker at the Australian Psychological Association’s professional development evening for private practitioners. Over 50 psychologists attended and profited from hearing his story about how psychologists can think beyond direct delivery of psychological services to developing of ‘best practice’ personal and organisational development programs that can have a wider and far-reaching impact.

Main points included:

1. It is much more difficult, complex and costly these days to be a successful entrepreneurial psychologist. While a good product and huge effort is still essential, much more is needed.

2. You need a good theory or multiple theories behind what you do.

3. Research behind what you do and evaluation of impact matters more and more.

4 You need to use language to explain how you think and what you do that is readily understood by the consumer – avoid jargon.

5. You need business expertise to develop a one- to three-year strategy and plan.

6. You need marketing expertise to identify, strategise, and plan “great” marketing collateral.

7. You need to be open to and savvy about different technology hardware (computers, tablets, IPhones) and instructional programs (E-learning, apps, keynote) that can deliver your message to the consumer.

8. You need to be alert to margins – what is not being done- that calls on your expertise and opportunities (connect to other people’s momentum; solve existing problems).

9. You need to be sustainable by taking your experience of past and current entrepreneurial successes and see the opportunity for the next generation of consumers.

10. You need entrepreneurial attitudes and behavioural skills: optimism, risk taking, resilience, persistence, getting along (with difficult customers) and learned perfectionism.

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