The Mindset of High Performance – Why People Excel at Work

‘High performing people have one asset in common. The one asset is not native intelligence, high technical skill sets, advanced educational qualifications nor their social relationships and networks. These assets do matter. But what matters more in taking people from A to A+ in the workplace is having a high performance work mindset. And the good news is that everyone no matter age or disposition can develop this asset.’ – Michael Bernard

Presenter: Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D. Professor, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Graduate School of Education; Emeritus Professor, California State University, Long Beach; Founder, You Can Do It! Education.

Michael is the author/editor of over 50 books, 15 book chapters, and 30 journal articles in areas associated with peak performance, resilience, parenting, mental health and school improvement including: ‘The High Performance Mindset at Work,’ ‘Rationality and the Pursuit of Happiness’ and ‘The Strength of Self-Acceptance.’ He is an international consultant to universities, organisations, educational authorities and governments.

This workshop is based on over 20 years of international research from the fields of positive psychology, positive organizational behavior, brain science, emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership, cognitive-behavioral science, social-emotional learning and rational effectiveness training. Michael will reveal the architecture of the mindset of the 21st century high performer and how it can be strengthened.

This workshop is designed especially for people caught up in the vortex of 24/7 work demands and change who feel at times overwhelmed, stressed, with work and home relationships strained and who may be wondering whether it’s all worth it, whether they will ever accomplish their goals at work.

Workshop Purpose – The focus of the workshop is to:

  1. Increase participant awareness of the positive psychological capabilities (commitments, behavioural strengths) of high performing individuals as well as common work internal performance blockers
  2. Develop participant awareness of their strengths and areas for further development
  3. Identify practical strategies that participants can use post-workshop to strengthen their core commitments and behavioural strengths needed to respond positively to tough situations and which build overall capacity

Benefits: The results of an evaluation study conducted at the Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership with school leaders (mostly principals) into the effectiveness of the High Performance Mindset at Work (HPMW) program developed by Professor Michael Bernard, University of Melbourne reveals an extensive range of positive benefits.

Benefits observed in over 90% of participants include significant increases in overall leadership effectiveness and capacity, significant development of the mindset of high work performance and significant decrease in stress associated with tough work situations.

Some of the benefits people have reported from strengthening their high work performance mindset: People say they feel more in control, positive, self-efficacious, less stressed and more able to balance home and work. People say they feel more on the front rather than back foot. And crucially, people’s workplace behavior including productivity, leadership, relationships and wellbeing is significantly enhanced.

Professor Bernard is currently consulting with the division of leadership, professional practice and accountability (Department of Education). His high performing organisational framework has been incorporated within their 2015 strategy. Over 50 employees (directors, managers and staff) have participated in his high performance mindset at work training program.

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