What Makes a Sales Star? New Findings on an Old Problem

We all know that positive attitudes matters quite a bit but how much is really known about the irrational attitudes about selling that can kick up destructive emotions and behaviours such as high anxiety, anger, feeling down and procrastination which block sale’s success?

The ongoing research of Michael Bernard and his colleagues in the sales’ area follows on from his innovative learning and development program he produced a number of years ago along with colleagues Eve Ash and Peter Quarry, Sales Stars, Training Package for Developing the Attitudes for Sales’ Success.

Here’s what we know. The psychological make-up of all human beings is reflected in how their brain operates and reveals two sides of the brain – one is the emotional-irrational while the other is the rational-logical. Both sides of the brain can operate in tandem – but when irrational beliefs are dominant, sale’s performance deteriorates. In sales –as in almost all areas of life when stressful, demanding and challenging- we need to call on rational beliefs.

The list below contrasts these two sets of beliefs. Fortunately, we all have the power to change our beliefs by becoming more aware and making up our mind to do so.


Appreciating why the irrational beliefs are not sensible, accurate and helpful ways to think will make it easier to replace them with rational beliefs. And when you do, you will have planted the seeds of sales success.

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