Fourth Australian Positive Psychology and Well-being Conference “Developing a Sustained Impact” 7-9 February 2014

Michael Bernard was a presenter at the recent “Positive Psychology and Well-being Conference” held at the University of Melbourne.

Presentation Details

Topic: High Performance Capability Framework: What “Makes” Highly Effective Leaders, Managers and Employees

This presentation was based on research findings that psychological positive organisational behaviour contributes to indicators of high workplace performance (productivity, innovation, engagement, leadership and satisfaction/well-being). Professor Bernard presented research showing that positive organisational behaviour can be developed through learning and development programs including e-learning courses. The positive organisational development literature identifies a number of practices for supporting transfer of training to the workplace and an organizational process for mindset learning and development throughout all levels of an organisation.

This presentation was organised in three parts: Part 1. High Performing Capabilities Drive High Performing Organisations. In this introduction, the characteristics of high performing organisations were described (engagement, innovation, quality of life, productivity) followed by a research-driven presentation of a new “high performance capability framework.” Part 2. Self-Assessment of High Performance Capabilities. Here, participants experienced part of an e-learning course and had an opportunity to reflect on their own high performance capability strengths and those areas for further development. A focus was on how high performance capabilities can assist people in positively responding to tough situations at work including overcoming performance blockers. In Part 3. A Strategic Model for Organisational-Wide Implementation and Sustainability of the High Performance Mindset Initiative, different organisational processes were reviewed that support transfer of training of the high performance capability framework and sustainability including: executive, management, human resource.

If you are interested in having Michael Bernard speak to your organisation or at a conference on issues surrounding high performance and how to strengthen a high performance mindset, you can email him directly: or contact The Bernard Group: (03) 9415 8327.


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