Immediate Increase in Leadership Effectiveness! Impact of the HPMW Program

The results of a recent evaluation study conducted at the Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership with school leaders (mostly principals) into the effectiveness of the High Performance Mindset at Work (HPMW) program developed by Professor Michael Bernard, University of Melbourne reveals an extensive range of positive benefits.

The HPMW professional development program was delivered through six weekly, HPMW eLearning modules that participants interacted with individually in their own time, six weekly webinars employing Blackboard Collaborate that all participants ‘attended’, and two ‘live’ four-hour workshops attended by all participants at the beginning and end of the program.

Benefits observed in over 90% of participants include:

  • Significant increases in overall leadership effectiveness
  • Significant improvements in specific leadership behaviours identified in the research literature as characteristics of high performing school leaders (see Robinson, Hohepa & Lloyd, 2009, School Leadership and Student Outcomes, Identifying What Works and Why) including:
    • Providing regular feedback to teachers on teaching performance
    • Participation in formal and informal staff learning and development
    • Strategic allocation of resources to improve teaching and student learning
    • Communication to staff of a clear vision for school’s future
    • Set and communicate targets for improving organisational performance
  • Significant increases in leadership capacity achieved through greater:
    • Self-awareness and reflection
    • Positivity
    • Confidence/self-efficacy
    • Calmness in tough situations
  • Significant development of the mindset of high work performance
  • Significant decrease in stress associated with tough work situations and increases in positivity and effectiveness

Participants comments about the impact of the HPMW program:

“The course gave me the tools to reflect on my leadership as well as the tools that have greatly improved my leadership.”

“The architecture of the high performing mindset was very clear and referred to throughout the course and linked to my own tough situations and personal challenges…I was made aware that my commitment to others was not what I thought it was and needs some attention. Increased awareness of my internal blockers to work has been valuable.”

“The opportunity to reflect on our own practices and work towards performing at a higher performer for me was exactly the thing I needed… Having to make the time to work on myself and MY professional practice.”

“I feel more confident in having the difficult conversations in the workplace and am better equipped to ‘take stock’ before I ‘take action’.”

“I have been optimistic, stayed calm and am still smiling…I also thank you for your input over the past 8 weeks. Although I felt I already had much of the understandings, I sincerely believe challenging myself to put knowledge into action FOR MYSELF has truly improved my confidence and belief in myself as a leader. I sat in the first day thinking I did not belong, being the only one who was not already a principal or assistant-principal. I will sit there today and contribute knowing full well a job title does not a leader make- and I can believe in myself and my abilities regardless of the label given to me. Thanks so much.”

*Founded in 2009 as a Victorian Government education initiative, the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership is a world-class learning centre where educational leaders can connect, converse and learn together. Bastow’s mission is to develop capable and confident educational leaders. Bastow extends educational leadership capability through providing quality assured, evidence-informed professional learning opportunities. For more information on The Bastow Institute including courses, visit:

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