The manager who didn’t get promoted

When managers aren’t promoted, it can cause of great consternation and stress. But doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a case study of hard-working John – every organisation has one – see if the picture is a familiar one.

John’s educational background, intelligence and drive identified him as highly promising manager -his investment unit consistently showed large profit margins. However, 12 months ago, he failed in his bid to be promoted to an executive position. The reasons given at the time had to do with the following.  While John had great commitment to his own success, his commitment to others’ success and wellbeing in his unit was under-developed. Additionally, he did not display positivity (he was a “knocker”) and his health was a problem. His 360 feedback revealed someone lacking in empathy, respect and authenticity.

With John participating in a high performance capability development program, he began to view himself and those he worked with differently. He began by losing weight while giving up smoking –no easy feat. He made a point of listening more without offering advice and he showed more interest in those he was leading and for the tasks they were accomplishing. Overall, he has become more accepting, tolerant and much more of a positive person – according to recent  feedback. He has made the changes in his mindset which have resulted in increasing his leadership capacity –and is displaying increasing numbers of ‘high impact’ leadership behaviours.

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